The Seventh Plague, 1823 painting by the British artist John Martin.

Part of the story of Pesach (Passover) is the Ten Plagues sent by G-d to convince the Pharoh to let the Jews leave slavery in Egypt.

The plagues were:

  1. Blood: All water in Egypt turned into blood. The only water around was from the Jews
  2. Frogs: There are 2 opinions on how the frogs came, but one thing is for sure. The frogs got everywhere, but left the Jews alone.
  3. Lice: A large infestation of lice infected all Egyptians. All the Jews were unharmed. Pharaoh was not warned of this plague.
  4. Wild Beasts: Large numbers of beasts (Lions, tigers, bears, ETC) roamed Egypt, looking for prey. Jews were unharmed by the animals.
  5. Animal Plague: The animals (Domesticated and non) were infected with an unknown disease and killed all beats and farm animals. No humans were directly harmed.
  6. Boils: Boils started appearing on the Egyptians. Jews were not effected. Pharaoh was not warned of this plague.
  7. Ice and fire hail: Balls of ice with fire inside them rained down on the Egyptians. The ice would explode on impact. This instance was contridictory to nature, but G-d did it anyways.
  8. Locusts: Locusts swarmed over all Egypt, reducing it to a wasteland.
  9. Darkness: The first 3 days, a fog went over Egypt. After, for 3 days the Egyptians couldn't move because the fog was so dense. The Jews could see in a small bubble around them. Pharaoh was not warned of this plague.
  10. Death of the Firstborn

So, were the plagues justified? If G-d hardened the Pharoh's heart, was it fair to punish him and his people, especially the innocents? Did the Pharoh still have free will?

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