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Artist's rendering of Jonah and the Leviathan
Title The prophet
Born Unknown
Died Unknown
Gender Male
Religion Judaism
Family Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Residence Nineveh

Jonah is a Biblical character whos story appears in the Book of Jonah. He was a prophet who was sent by God to overturn the city of Nineveh but he fled by taking a boat to Tarshish instead.

G-d was angry and cast a mighty storm on the boat that Jonah was on. All of the people on the ship were terrified and prayed to their own gods. The captain of the ship went up to Jonah and told him to pray as well. Jonah knew he was responsible and responded, “Throw me into the sea and the sea will calm down for you.” The men did as he commanded.

Jonah was swallowed by the Leviathan that G-d sent. He repented for three days and three nights until G-d told the beast to spit him out. When Jonah was spit out he went to Nineveh as G-d instructed and convinced the people there to follow G-d's laws.