Binding of Isaac.jpg
Artist's rendering of the "Binding of Isaac"
Title Son of Abraham
Born 2048 AC (After Creation)
Died 2228 AC
Gender Male
Religion Judaism
Family Forefather
Spouse Rebeca
Residence Nomad

Isaac was the son of Abraham and Sarah. When Abraham was 99 years old and Sarah was 89, three angels came up to Abraham and told him that in one year they would have a son. Abraham bowed to G-d, but Sarah just laughed. That is the reason why they named him Isaac, meaning laughter.

The most famous story about Isaac is his near-sacrifice, or "Akehda". When Isaac was young, G-d told Abraham to sacrifice him. Abraham took Isaac and set out to Mount Moriah. When Abraham put Isaac on the altar, an angel told him to stop. G-d provided a ram for them to sacrifice instead. This ram was one of the last 10 creatures created on the Week of Creation.

After Sarah died, Abraham sent his servant, Eliezer,to find a wife for Isaac from among his family. Rebecca agreed to return with Eliezer to marry Isaac. Rebecca and Isaac had twin sons Esau, born first, and Jacob. Rebecca is said, by the Midrash, that Rebecca was 3 or 13 years old.

When Isaac got older he became blind. He wanted to give a first-born blessing to Esau but Jacob tricked him. Jacob put animal hair on his skin so that his father would believe he was Esau. Isaac felt the hairy skin and fell for the deception. Isaac ended up blessing Jacob even though Esau was the first born.

Hebrew name

The Hebrew spelling of Isaac's name is יִצְחָק.

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