European Jews being sent to concentration camps during the Holocaust.

"It will bring forth the final annihilation of the Jewish Race in Europe..." - Adolf Hitler The Holocaust was an event in which millions of Jews were murdered in an attempt to commit genocide, to kill all Jews as part of the "Final Solution".[1] The name comes from the Latin word holocauste meaning "death by fire" or "burn to ashes". Another name for the event is Ha-Shoah.

During World War II, under Adolf Hitler's leadership, millions of Jews and others were put in prison and labor camps. The best estimates are that over 6 million Jews were killed and approximately 6 million others. (Hitler also rounded up and killed Gypsies, people with mental or physical "defects", political enemies, and homosexuals.) The Germans kept extensive and detailed records of those events.

After the Holocaust, a Jewish homeland was needed and by 1948 the former homeland of the Jewish people in Palestine; Israel was resetablised and Jews could return to the land of Israel after two thousand years of exile.

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  1. The Final solution was an idea by Adolf Hitler that according to his insane mind would create a perfect world. Parts of the idea:
    • kill all Jews, blacks, Gypsies, homosexuals and all people considered to be "deviants" or "inferior"
    • The world is to be ruled by the Aryan "master race", made up of Europeans, the greatest of which are the Germanic people and the greatest of those are the ones who have blond hair and blue eyes.