A bust of Herod found during excavations in Jerusalem

Herod the Great was a Jewish-Arab Roman client apponited King of Judea,  he received the throne of Israel through the Romans and the Roman Senate credited him as the King of the Jews. Herod is known as a madman who murdered his own family and a great many rabbis. Although Herod himself was only half Jewish he did convert to Judaism.

Herod the Great was responsible for the building of several colossal buildings in Jerusalem. In the eighteenth year of his reign Herod refurbished the Second Temple on Mount Moriah to a much more grander scale to make him popular among the Jewish people, the refurbished temple became known as the Temple of Herod. Not only did Herod refurbish the Temple he also built several retaining walls, today only four walls still stand including the Western Wall. Some of Herod's other achievements include the development of water supplies for Jerusalem, building fortresses such as Masada.

During his reign Herod killed most of his family, including his brothers and his wife Mariamne, to make sure that he would remain king.

Most scholars agree that Herod died at the end of March or early April in 4 BCE following an illness. After his death, his kingdon was divivded and one of his son called Archelaus, although also known as Herod, became king.

Herod the Great was buried in a tomb on the cone-shaped hill of Herodion. His tomb was discovered on the hill in 2007.