Debbie Friedman.

Debbie Friedman (Deborah Lynn Friedman; February 23, 1951 - January 9, 2011) was a Jewish musician who created many arrangements for prayers. She sang traditional songs, prayers and original music. Her songs and tunes are used in many congregations' services, by youth groups and at Jewish summer camps. For instance, her version of Mi Shebeirach is often sung as the prayer for the healing of the sick and was used in an episode of Strong Medicine on the Lifetime channel [1].

A movie documenting her life and struggle, A Journey of Spirit, was recently made and has won numerous awards.

Friedman started a "blob" on her site in March 2009 [2].

On January 9, 2011, Debbie Friedman passed away after a long illness. Her passing marked the end of an era when Progressive Jewish music moved from choirs and organs to soulful congregational singing.


Partial, see discography for the list on her Web site.

  • As You Go On Your Way: Shacharit - The Morning Prayers (related article on the Jewish Music wikia)
  • Songs of the Spirit- The Debbie Friedman Anthology
  • Light These Lights
  • Debbie Friedman Live in Concert
  • The Water in the Well
  • The Alef Bet
  • Debbie Friedman at Carnegie Hall
  • The World of Your Dreams
  • And You Shall Be a Blessing
  • Ani Ma-Amin
  • Not by Might Not by Power
  • Sing Unto God (copyright 1972)


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