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Do you speak english at all? q CchristianTehWazzit

Yes, sure. What is it?
oh hi, I'm picking up the head position on the english version, my hebrew is'nt that good so... I don't really remember what it was that I specifically wanted, I'll say if I remember it. I just wanted to make sure you knew that something was going to happen... If you need anything or what ever, I'm sure I don't need to tell you how to contact me... :) cchristian (who is quite annoyed by the right alignment)
oh and could you make a link on the home page to the engligh page? theres one on the english one, and we could use the people editing, if you have any, these specialized wikis don't get too many users... cchristian again...
I aswered you at your talk-page (here) and added link in our main page. Ori
ok, here is the logo, I just uploaded it, it's a combination of our new english logo and your interim. see you later.


Happy 1 week birthday ;)[]

Hi, just calling in to see how things are going so far. Looks like you've made a good start, and I see you have your first few contributors! Great work on welcoming them, that's always a good thing to do.

Don't forget that you can call in to the Central forums if you need any help, or leave a message on my talk page.

I see you haven't got a logo yet, I love to see individual logos, I think they look great on a wiki. That's something else you could ask for help with on the Central forums.

I don't know if you have tried promoting the wiki yet, that's important in getting it going. We have to be careful not to spam, but taking about the wiki on forums, and making sure the word is out there about the wiki will draw people in. A busy wiki is a healthy wiki :)

Good work on all you've done so far, it's looking good! -- sannse (talk) Wikia community team

Thanks for the suggestions. I'm working on the logo and on adding pages whenever I have free time. Before talking about it in forums etc. I want it to have a strong base so new visitors will be impressed. In the meantime I tell my friedns about it and hear what the they have to say. Pop by in a month - I'm sure there will be plenty going on. Thanks for your interest, Ori

מספור פסקאות[]

ראיתי שאתה ממספר את הפסקאות. לדעתי אין צורך לעשות זאת, כיוון שאפשר להפעיל מספור אוטומטי. ב"העדפות" -> "שונות" -> "מספר כותרות אוטומטית". מעבר לכך הבעיה במספור פסקאות ידנית, היא כאשר רוצים להוסיף פסקה באמצע, או להחסיר, צריך למספר את הכל מחדש.--Effib 20:26, 18 ביולי 2007 (UTC)

יפה, לא הכרתי את זה. בדרך כלל אני לא ממספר, רק במאמר שערכתי תשעה באב וילדיו של לוט היה כבר מיספור בספרות רומיות, אז השארתי את זה. Ori229